11 Times Hailey Bieber Copied Selena Gomez

Drama, drama, drama. When it comes to the saga that is Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber we could write a book, literally. And when it comes to the two of them fully participating in the drama, well it looks like nobody is innocent, seriously.

Well, if I’m going to be fully honest, could Justin Bieber please step up, cus Sir, this is your mess… But… while the mess is happening, this video gets into the nitty gritty of all the times Mrs. Bieber has copied Selena. And there are A LOT of times, and all these times happen to be wonderfully documented all over Tik Tok.

So watch this video if you want to see the time Hailey happens to have a tattoo that looks suspiciously like a ring Justin gave Selena. Or the time that Hailey literally used the same song in a TikTok video Selena, like, just used! Or a talk show appearance where Selena answered truthfully, and Hailey may have um copied her answer exactly. And we definitely get into the eyebrow of it all and how the Kar-Jenners are somehow tied to this whole situation too. Because god forbid those Kardashians aren’t on the top of the gossip lists.

So, for all this tea and more, be sure to watch All the Times Hailey Bieber Copied Selena Gomez.
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00:00 Intro Hook
00:18 Eyebrow Gate
01:23 My Heart
02:01 Clothing Copycat
02:33 J Tattoo Versus J Ring
03:14 Jelena Follower
04:24 Selena Responds
04:59 Putting Off The Rumors
05:39 Selena Calling on Fans
06:03 Helping with a “Like”
07:02 Selena Slamming Trolls
07:37 Not the Most innocent
08:15 Outro

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