16 Hilarious Movie And TV Bloopers That Made The Final Cut

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Filming scenes for a movie or a show can be challenging, and every so often, a mistake makes it through the cracks.

Whether they are too funny or too small, some bloopers still get used by the filmmakers, and sometimes they make the scene even better. Here are 18 Movie and TV Bloopers That Made the Final Cut.


16. Pris Breaks the Glass – Blade Runner

In Ridley Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece, we see replicant Pris pretend to be scared of genetic designer J.F. Sebastian. When she runs from him on the street, she slips and breaks a car window with her elbow, an actual accident from actor Daryl Hannah that cut her elbow in eight places.

15. Candie Cuts His Hand – Django Unchained

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