20 Toughest Villains The Guardians of the Galaxy Defeated

Behold! Your Guardians of the Galaxy. What fruit have they wrought? Well it turns out quite a bit of fruit! The Guardians of the Galaxy officially have a very long standing not only on screen but in the comics as well. And with all that times comes a whole assortment of battles and victories over the strongest Marvel has to offer. Some of the greatest villains of all time received a butt kicking courtesy of a walking thesaurus and a raccoon. The Guardians of the Galaxy are returning for vol 3, but do they have what it takes to vanquish yet another foe. Of course they do! Let’s check out the strongest villains the Guardians of the Galaxy have defeated.

Thanos is unbelievably powerful, and has done far more in the comics than he has in the MCU. His quest for the infinity stones took him on dangerous paths that unlocked secret universal knowledge to him. Obviously the Mad Titan is no easy victory, but even in the MCU The Guardians of the Galaxy have already contributed to his defeat. Ego the Living Planet proved to be one of the most powerful villains the guardians of the galaxy or anyone really would face in the MCU. His plan called the expansion would end the lives of trillions across the galaxy as pieces of his own essence would consume every planet making Ego the only thing in existence. The Guardians took him on too, but there’s so much more! No matter what the challenge is I think the MCU’s favorite family of misfits has got it in the bag. Who do you think is the strongest villain that the Guardians of the Galaxy have defeated? Be sure to like, subscribe and comment your answer, and get ready to head back to Knowhere fast.

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00:00 – Intro
00:18 Thanos
01:07 Ego
01:57 Obelisk
02:48 Dr. Doom
03:30 Galactus
04:14 Annihilus
04:58 Ronan the Accuser
05:43 Dormammu
06:19 The Olympians
06:57 Super Skrull
07:44 The Reckoning
08:29 Lady Hellbender
08:59 Thane
09:35 The Magus
10:18 The Collector
11:00 The Badoon
11:35 Gamora
12:13 Devondra
12:51 Korvac
13:30 The High Evolutionary

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Written by: Nick Twohig
Narrated by: Nick Twohig
Edited by: Robert Kariuki

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