A return to Netanyahu’s original plan: Analysis

Mohammed Cherkaoui, a professor at George Mason University, says the renewed Israeli military campaign is part of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s original plan of depopulating the Gaza Strip.
“It’s not the casualties, it’s not the enemy perceived as Hamas, but more of how we can re-engineer the geopolitics of the Gaza Strip. Therefore, he [Netanyahu] still believes he can push some of these Palestinians towards Sinai and maybe a number of them in the occupied West Bank towards Jordan,” Cherkaoui told Al Jazeera.
“So we are now going back to his original plan. Therefore, I think the height of this veracity of killing is going to increase further and further,” he said.
In terms of international response, Cherkaoui said the US has not done much, especially after Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Tel Aviv, where he said Israel has to comply with international law and protect civilians in its next phase.
But, Cherkaoui said, “Reality is different than words”.

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