A Side of America The Media Won’t Show You!

A Side of America The Media Won’t Show You is a video of me exploring Los Angeles, California, for 30 days and sharing the good and bad sides I experienced here. If you plan to visit or move to the USA, watch this video. If you loved the video, please like, watch and subscribe. Thank you.

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Leaving New Jersey to LA
01:44 Arriving LA
02:11 LA is different from New York
02:52 LA is expensive
04:30 Palm tress in LA
05:23 Mexicans in LA
06:00 Homelessness in LA
07:30 Hollywood Walk of Fame
08:15 Reasons behind LA’s high rate of homelessness
09:25 Car Rent
10:10 Skid Row
11:47 The Part of LA you see on TV
12:30 Santa Monica Beach
15:20 Venice Beach
16:02 Beverly Hills
16:27 Griffith Observatory
16:48 Hollywood sign
17:47 Tennis
18:30 Hiking
19:30 My Conclusions

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