BAD BATCH Season 2 Episode 13 BREAKDOWN: Every Star Wars EASTER EGG

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright and Brianna McLarty

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Now on the surface this might seem like an episode where nothing happens. No jedi or clone saga or empire–but actually, it’s a personal story that I think is going to be a pivot point for the entire series. Like in season 3, we’ll look back and say, “yes, that was the episode where it all started to change.”

After the extremely dark dive in veterans’ issues fomr last week, it was nice to get a straight up adventure story as a palate cleanser, as the bad Batch goes to…Space Greece. [I got chills!]

Wrong Greece…I meant this one [clip]. But let’s give you what you want, how about some easter eggs.

The star wars intro has been changing slightly with every show. Last week the armorer was added into the Mandlroains’ intro. And in this episode, we start with grievous, an X-wing pilot helmet, Chopper from rebels, clone trooper helmet, a droid commando, don;t know this one tell me in the comments, an imperial cadet helmet, also form rebels, Bo katan, and finally on a current clone trooper helmet.

But my favorite easter egg of the episode is a bg hin about what’s going to happen in the first scene. Outside this aurebesh sign reads “Club Lao Che.”

Doug: That sounds familiar.

It’s because Lao Che was the villain from the opening sequence of Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom. A few episodes ago we pointed out that the show borrowed the story and aesthetic of that movie. But here, it’s full of homage.

Temple of Doom opens in a swanky club, with Indy making a deal with some gangsters for a valuable artifact. Ore that in a sec though. Outside the bar we see lots of species form the os eisley cantina, maybe a tribute to that original star wars bar scene. There’s an arcona, a Bith, always lots of twi’leks, a snivvian, and inside there’s an aqualisa playing Sabaac. The aqualish is also drseed like the kenner action figure of ponda boba, the guy fucked around and founf out in a new hope.

And the drink here reads “oota goota rodian um.” Rum is a pretty classic star wars drink, because it’s very old in our universe, and Star wars is all about taking ancient concepts like knights and repurposing them in a sci-fi setting. So if this said “oota goota cider” it wouldn;t quite be the same. Rodian is of course the species of Greedo, forming a new hope.

But also, "Oota goota” is widely thought to be the first words that Greedo says to Han in a new hope [clip]. And of course, we all know Greedo’s classic last words [mackunkley!] Never…listen to me…never not funny.

The rum is being served by a protocol droid and an astromech droid, a clear nod to Threeepio and Artoo, but a reverse of their roles in Jedi, when Aetoo was but the server, and Threepio was the interpreter. [clip]

And then we get the return of Wanda Sykes’ Phee Genoa, who I’ve really grown to like. When she started off this season, we were made to think she’s an untrustworthy prate like Cid. but then we got that episode that was a nod to la indiana jones and the last crusade, where she develops a fondness of omega [clip].

And in this episode, we see that Phee Genoa is not trying to make a profit from these artifacts. She really is like Indiana Jones [it belongs in a museum]. In fact, this whole scene is lifted straight from the opening of the temple of doom. They exchange the artifacts and the bad guy gives the hero poison–but unlike Indy, Phee is wise to the trick [I don’t like poison].

And then they use these assassin bugs to come after her. These look an awful lot like the Kouhun–the same insects that zam wessel used to attack padme in attack of the clones.

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