Can the U.S. Build a Powerful Drone Fleet Before a Potential Conflict Over Taiwan? | WSJ

To help counter China, the U.S. military is racing to develop a fleet of next-generation drones. For the Pentagon, it’s not just a matter of gaining the technological edge. It’s a race against the clock, as Beijing has militarized islands in the South China Sea, and President Xi Jinping has ordered his military to be ready to invade Taiwan by 2027.

Some experts are skeptical the U.S. military can work fast enough to meet its goals.

0:00 Autonomous systems
0:40 The need for next-generation drones
1:49 Scaling up
4:07 Keeping up with China

U.S. vs. China
This original video series explores the rivalry between the two superpowers’ competing efforts to develop the technologies that are reshaping our world.

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