Disney – Death Of An Empire

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—The Fall From Grace—
Disney as a company is a global media conglomerate on the brink. Once a beloved animation studio, it’s gone on to purchase major intellectual properties to expand its reach. But in the last year, the company has experienced significant financial losses in almost every area of media it reaches: streaming, theatrical, and its theme parks. This video essay breaks down Disney’s situation from its small scale beginnings to the present.

—Time Stamps—
0:00 – The fall of an empire
1:44 – Record losses and other disasters
03:48 – Skillshare
04:56 – History of Disney
05:50 – The Pixar purchase
06:59 – The Marvel purchase
08:19 – The LucasFilm purchase
09:28 – Spider-man and 20th Century Fox
11:32 – Start of the decline
12:55 – LucasFilm: Deconstructed
14:22 – Marvel: More, more, MORE
15:31 – Pixar: A victim of Disney+
16:35 – Live-action remakes: they’re terrible
17:01 – Price gouging theme parks
17:50 – How’d they let all this happen?
19:11 – Fighting with the fans
21:29 – Is this fixable?

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