Held captive since 2015: Israeli-Ethiopian family demands return

While families of the Israelis captured on October 7th press the government to ensure the return of their loved ones, two other families have been doing the same – for much longer.
Their relatives – one from the Ethiopian-Israeli community, the other an Arab Bedouin – are believed to have been captured by Hamas in 2015.
They say the Israeli government should not forget about them in any future prisoner exchange deal with Hamas.
His case she says has highlighted the inequality that the Jewish Israeli-Ethiopian community faces, as well as that faced by the Arab Bedouin minority – after Hisham Al Sayed was captured in 2015.

Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat reports from the city of Askelon where she talked to one of the families about a case that has highlighted the inequality faced by Israel’s minorities.

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