Hezbollah commander killed in Israeli drone strike in Lebanon’s Nabatieh

A Hezbollah military commander was killed, and another member was wounded in an apparent Israeli drone strike on a vehicle in Nabatieh in southern Lebanon.
This marks the first time such an attack has occurred in a major urban centre, escalating tensions in the ongoing conflict between Hezbollah and Israel along the border.
The targeted assassinations have increased since Hezbollah joined the fight against Israel, aiming to support its ally Hamas in Gaza.
The conflict remains concentrated in specific border areas, with both sides exchanging fire and targeting each other’s positions.
Efforts by Western diplomats to ease tensions have been complicated by Hezbollah’s insistence on a Gaza ceasefire before any calm on the northern front, demanding Israel’s withdrawal from the border for security guarantees.

Al Jazeera’s Zenia Khodr joins us live from Beirut to discuss the latest updates.

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