How King Charles And Queen Camila Will Make History

King Charles’ coronation is right around the corner, ushering in a new era for the royal family. Well, new and old. King Charles and Queen Camilla will be the oldest monarchs ever. And that’s not the only way these two are making history…

At 74, King Charles will be the oldest British monarch in all of history. His wife, Camilla, will be the oldest Queen Consort at age 75. It makes sense, Charles had to wait a long time to be King. His mom was the longest-reigning monarch of all time, and he was the longest-serving heir apparent. It’s not just their ages that will make history. Charles reportedly wants to modernize the monarchy, starting with his coronation. Despite their estrangement, he’s inviting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, asking celebrities to perform at his coronation concert, ditching outdated customs, and hopefully focusing on inclusivity. This is the first coronation of the 21st century, and all eyes will be on the British throne!

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00:19 Oldest British Monarch
00:58 Oldest Queen Consort
01:29 Longest Serving Heir Apparent
02:08 A Modern Ceremony
02:40 Inviting Prince Harry & Meghan Markle
03:21 Celebrity Guests
04:01 The First Coronation of the 2000s
04:33 Streaming Everywhere
05:09 Ditching Outdated Customs
05:39 Inclusivity

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