How Kuwait’s Royal Family Spends $400 Billion Dollars

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We’ve covered royal families from all over the world. No matter where we’re talking about there’s one thing that’s always the case. They spend BIG all the time. The Kuwait royal family is no exception only they are either classy or adrenaline fueled with very little spending in between.

This family knows how to do class and elegance in a way that most other royal families could learn quite a lot from. They own a home that is the perfect blend of East meets West with a classic style blended effortlessly with a modern one. They built this dream house from the ground up. Then they filled it with their art collection that’s worth a fortune just by itself. Seriously, however classy you think they are, prepare to be wowed.

They also have the same kinds of parties all other royals do. They have giant yacht parties that most of us would be jealous of. Only until the yacht party gets broken up violently and the guests are held for ransom. You have to see this story to believe it.

When it comes to what kind of pulse pounding activities they have, you should know that they go as intense as humanly possible. I’m talking about powerboat racing, one of the most dangerous sports on the water. I know this because it took the life of at least one member of the family.

So how does the royal family of Kuwait spend their considerable fortune? Only one way to find out!

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Jordan Phillips
Edited by: Adriano Canella

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0:16 Powerboat Race
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