Hunters Season 2: 12 Things You MISSED!


The ragtag band of Nazi Hunters are back for a second and last season of the Amazon Plus series Hunters and they’ve brought with them a new set of metaphors and allusions. Even though their founder turned out to be the very Nazi war criminal they had been looking for, the team is still on task. Or at least were until a year before the season stops when Jonah accidentally killed a child being used as a human shield. But once they find out Hitler is still alive and living it up in Argentina they get the band back together for one last hurrah. All our old friends are back including brainwashed Joe and still very dead Wilhelm who had been posing as Meyer, though that’s via flashbacks. After discovering that most of the Nazis ducked out in the United States were invited there by the military for their knowledge of rocket science they’ve gone worldwide, hunting throughout Europe until the trial finally leads to a compound in Argentina that houses a very not dead Hitler and an Eva Braun who has started to get her Lady MacBeth on. Her efforts to both bring about the Fourth Reich and deal with the dotering old figure head she’s been keeping alive for 30 years. This season explores the notion that the Holocaust turned the Jewish people into ghosts and turns that story around to be part of their strength. Then there is the semiotics nightmare that is episode 7, The Home. What was your favorite detail in season 2 of Hunters? Let us know in the comments and while you’re there be sure to like and subscribe for the latest videos in your inbox.


0:00 – Intro
0:13 – New Game
0:37 – Serpico
1:10 – Godfather II
1:40 – Sound of Music
2:16 – Ruth and Chava
2:45 – Shalom Mother)(*$#()U*$
3:18 – Mother Goose
4:03 – Fourth Wall
4:28 -Mousetrap
4:52 – Car Shuffle
5:31 – Real World
6:00- Catharsis

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