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00:00 I Am Legend 2
Now it’s official: Will Smith confirms the previous rumors about the plot of "I Am Legend 2". The story is said to pick up on the alternative ending of its predecessor…

01:18 Deadpool 3
Ugly or cute, that’s the question: Deadpool 3 is back with a new image! In addition to Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, we also get to see his new sidekick Dogpool…

02:22 New 300 Sequel
Will we be able to watch the final part of the "300" saga after all? If director Zack Snyder has his way, at least, as he has now regained the rights to "Blood and Ashes"…

03:52 Spider-Man Noir
News from the world of the friendly spider: Amazon is currently developing a "Spider-Man" series for which a special co-showrunner has been secured…

04:42 Barbie: Ken Spin-Off
"Barbie" has made over 1.4 billion dollars and many are wondering: will there be a sequel? According to Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig, it might turn out a little differently than expected…

05:56 Johnny Depp in Carnival at the End of Days
Johnny Depp could soon be taking on a very special role: The popular actor is set to play none other than the devil himself…

07:09 Maleficient 3
Angelina Jolie is returning as the dark fairy Maleficent: the actress has now revealed that part 3 of the Disney film series is currently in the works…

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