Insurance Lawyer Reviews Damage in Superhero Movies & TV | Vanity Fair

Insurance lawyer and superhero enthusiast Stacey Giulianti reviews and assesses superhero destruction in movies and television, including ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘The Batman,’ ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ ‘Venom,’ ‘The Boys’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’

Stacey A. Giulianti, Esq. is the Chief Legal Officer of Florida Peninsula

00:00 Insurance Cases in Superhero Movies & TV
00:25 Man of Steel
03:24 The Batman
05:19 Spider-Man: Homecoming
07:48 Venom
11:08 The Boys
14:19 Avengers: Infinity War

Director: Frank Cosgriff
Director of Photography: Charlie Jordan
Editor: Jordan Calig
Insurance Expert: Stacey A. Giulianti, Esq.
Line Producer: Romeeka Powell
Associate Producer: Jess Gordon
Production Manager: Mark Bond
Production Coordinator: Jamal Colvin
Casting Producer: Nick Sawyer
Camera Operator: Jack Belisle
Audio Operator: Rehanna Chandan
Production Assistant: Rafael Vasquez
Post Production Supervisor: Nick Ascanio
Post Production Coordinator: Jovan James
Supervising Editor: Kameron Key
Assistant Editor: Ben Harowitz

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