Israel launches southern Gaza ground offensive as death toll soars

It has been a very deadly and bloody night for the Palestinians not just in the south but also in the central and northern parts.
Four homes in the al-Janina neighbourhood and a small refugee camp were completely destroyed in Rafah. At least 35 people have been reported killed and multiple critically injured.
The worst of the attacks happened here in central Khan Younis, where a commercial centre was hit. The centre is located in an area that is supposed to be safe and where hundreds of people have sought refuge in the last two days since the end of the ceasefire.
The centre was completely destroyed, burned beyond recognition. Its destruction caused severe damage to nearby areas, including homes, to the point that they were not livable.
On the eastern side of Khan Younis, the Israeli military has started to advance with tanks and armoured vehicles. A family stranded there was trying to evacuate when their three-story building was shelled by tanks and completely destroyed.

Al Jazeera’s Hani Mahmoud joins us live from Khan Younis in southern Gaza for the latest updates.

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