Israeli army calls on Khan Younis residents to flee certain zones

The Israeli army has called on residents from certain neighbourhoods in southern Khan Younis to evacuate to other areas.

The warning came through the new evacuation system that Israel says was elaborated for civilians to avoid being targeted.

Since Friday, Israeli forces started dropping leaflets showing a map of Gaza divided into thousands of numbered “blocks”. Each paper has a QR code which links to the map. Residents are asked to scan the code and identify their zone to be able to follow the Israeli army’s instructions should they target their house’s zone.

It is not easy for Palestinians in Gaza to be able to do that given the extremely limited internet connection caused by Israeli bombardment and cutting off communication lines.

There are also questions about where they would go as tens of thousands of people are sheltering in areas across the south after fleeing from the north.

Let’s talk about this with Omar Ashour – Professor of Security and Military Studies at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.

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