John Wick Facts That Are Worth Fighting For

With "John Wick 4" on the horizon, it’s worth taking a look back at the making of the first three films in the franchise to see how a single action movie spawned an entire legacy.

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Matrix connections | 0:00
Keanu chose his directors | 1:24
Reeves does his own stunts | 2:25
Charon’s mythical ties | 3:15
What’s in a name? | 4:31
A canine movie star | 5:14
Filming with the flu | 6:03
The secret under Viggo’s hat | 6:58
Halle Berry’s broken ribs | 8:05
Keanu’s training regimen has changed | 9:06
Spin-offs are just getting started | 9:55
Video games could be coming | 10:57

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