‘M3GAN’ Interviews With Allison Williams, James Wan, Jason Blum & More

The twisted minds behind “M3GAN,” including James Wan (writer/producer), Jason Blum (producer), Gerard Johnstone (director), and star Allison Williams (Gemma), discuss their new horror movie in this interview with CinemaBlend’s Eric Eisenberg. They dive into the creation of M3GAN’s look, the dangers of AI, and even some spoiler territory with the film’s ending.

00:00 – Intro / AI Tease
00:24 – ‘M3GAN’ Director and Allison Williams Discuss The Doll’s ‘Uncanny’ Appearance
01:50 – How The Film Struck The Balance Between Funny And Serious
03:55 – Why Is ‘M3GAN’ Rated PG-13, Not R?
04:48 – Allison Williams Discusses Her Research Into The World Of AI
06:48 – Animatronics, Puppets & More – How ‘M3GAN’ Was Brough To Life On Set
08:46 – [SPOILERS] Director Gerard Johnstone Discusses The Film’s Ending

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