MCU Plotlines And Easter Eggs That Went NOWHERE


Ever since Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury showed up at the end of the first Iron Man in 2008, Marvel has been at pains to let us know that their cinematic universe is all interlinked. Like cells, interlinked. No wait, that’s the wrong movie.

And they’ve done a pretty impressive job. From Thor to Captain America to Guardians of the Galaxy to Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Eternals and the Disney+ streaming shows, Kevin Feige and the rest of the MCU brain trust have created a complex, interweaving world full of hints, easter eggs, long-running plot lines, narrative threads, twists and turns. Some random guy shows up in a mid-credits scene in 2011, the internet goes wild, and then in 2016 that random guy suddenly has his own solo movie. It’s a neat way to do things, and they’re pretty much the only company to nail it.

But that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Because sometimes, those storylines and cryptic teasers and pieces of character development, which seemed so monumental and exciting, just kinda fizzle out. They either don’t go anywhere particularly interesting, they get completely forgotten, or they get handwaved away because new filmmakers have come onboard and they don’t really care (cough cough Taika Waititi cough cough).

Which, you know, is fine! But it makes life annoying for us nerds who spend hours and hours meticulously cataloging this stuff. And here, said nerds get their revenge. Join us as we look at 10 examples where the House of Ideas – now in partnership with the House of Mouse – kind of whiffed it on the continuity…



0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Stolen Particles
0:43 – Reverse Character Development
1:14 – Iron Men
1:48 – Blip Problems
2:25 – The Sokovia Accords
2:44 – Bruce’s Ladies Part 1
3:15 – Bruce’s Ladies Part 2
3:31 -Hulk’s Performance Issues
4:00 – Undefended Realms
4:23 – Ice-Skating Uphill

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Written by: S Mohamed
Narrated by: Noah Marks
Edited by: Gullivar Du Katt

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