Netanyahu says Israel will turn Gaza into ‘demilitarised zone’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated the goals for the war: The complete dismantling of Hamas’s military and political capabilities to ensure that Israel feels no future threat coming from the Gaza Strip and to bring back all of the captives currently being held inside of Gaza.
While [Netanyahu] did not necessarily mention anything new, he did say that after the war is over, the Israeli military will work to create a demilitarised zone in the Gaza Strip.
[Netanyahu was] saying that the only force that could do this was Israel and that he did not trust any sort of international force or effort for the demilitarisation of the Gaza Strip.
Israel’s Defence Minister Yoav Gallant also speaking at that press conference [was] saying that while the military is achieving big gains, it does not come without big losses. He is directly referring to the deaths of 80 Israeli soldiers who have been killed since the beginning of the ground operation in the Gaza Strip.
The Israeli army says that it is in the third stage of its ground campaign inside the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army says that it has totally surrounded the city of Khan Younis and they are operating in the heart of it.

Al Jazeera’s Hamdah Salhut joins us live from occupied East Jerusalem for the latest updates.

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