No more talks while Israel bombards Gaza: Hamas

The deputy head of Hamas’s political bureau, Saleh al-Arouri, tells Al Jazeera there will be no prisoner-captive exchange as long as the onslaught on Gaza continues.
“There are no negotiations now on the truce. There will be no prisoner exchange until the aggression ends and there is a comprehensive and definitive ceasefire,” he said.
“The occupation insists there are still women and children being held, but we said we have handed all of them over. The remaining prisoners in Gaza are soldiers and civilian men who served in the occupation army.
“Our Zionist prisoners will not be liberated until all our prisoners are freed and a ceasefire takes hold. The resistance is ready for all Israeli military scenarios whether ground war, air or other.”
Earlier, Israel pulled negotiators from its intelligence agency Mossad out of Qatar, which has been mediating ceasefire efforts.

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