Peyton List’s Transformation Is Turning Heads

When your first job is sharing the screen with the world’s favorite web-slinger, you’re bound to be a star. Peyton List’s career has only gone up from there, and her transformation is truly stunning.

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The early years | 0:00
Hitting the big screen | 1:08
Playing younger versions | 2:06
Diary of a Wimpy Kid | 3:00
Hey Jessie! | 3:53
Shedding Disney skin | 4:59
Singing career | 6:12
Peyton List and Peyton List | 7:06
Kicking butt as Batgirl | 7:56
Big on the small screen | 8:53
Becoming a karate kid | 9:57

Voiceover By: Dexter Manning

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