Prince Harry And Prince William Biggest Feuds Of All Time

Prince William and Prince Harry were tabloid fodder from before they had their first birthday. So it’s no wonder that every single move they make is heavily followed.

And while many critics may think that Prince Harry is currently courting this press coverage, what can’t be denied is that these two bros fighting are as tragic as it is watchable.
And while we really do wish for peace on earth and for Harry and William to put these feelings aside and reunite, much like their mother, the late- great Princess Diana, would have wanted, it’s important to see where all this animosity started.

And while the press will cry, Meghan, according to Harry’s new memoir “Spare,” is telling a different story. And while someone should have DEFINITELY pulled Harry aside and said, “hey, if you call your memoir ‘Spare,’ there will be too many puns in the review titles”, this book will be groundbreaking regardless. So check out this video if you want an epic timeline of all the times Harry and William have feuded to prepare you for the upcoming memoir, you see.

Find out if William attacked Harry, or how Wills and Kate really feel about Meghan. Learn what went down when these two split their charity up, and how Big Bro Will really felt about that groundbreaking Oprah interview. Discover all the tea and more when you watch “Prince Harry and Prince Williams Biggest Feuds of All Time!” And for all the royal tea that you crave, be sure to like and subscribe to TheThings Celebrity.


00:01 Intro
00:17 Serious Accusations
01:20 The Netflix Doc
02:33 Fallout from the Queen’s Passing
03:13 Murmurs of the Memoir
03:36 Jubilee
04:20 The Oprah Interview
05:12 The Charity Split
05:40 Getting Along
06:01 Easter Drama
06:24 Harry Moving Too Fast
06:52 William versus Meghan
07:19 The Beginning of the End
07:53 Outro

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Written by: Alessandra Vite
Narrated by: @blakelylindsey
Edited by: Steven Sune

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