Scream VI: 10 Things YOU Missed

Scream VI spoilers ahead!

Scream VI is taking a stab at some of its biggest, most thrilling killers yet. Everyone knows the Scream movies are known for their easter eggs, parallels, and callbacks to past films. In this video, we break down some of the things that you may have missed while watching Scream VI. For instance, we see three masks right from the beginning, foreshadowing the outcome of three ghostface killers. The first killer of the film’s name is Jason, just like in Friday the 13th. He’s also watching Halloween, just like past characters have done in the franchise. Billie Eilish makes an appearance or two in this film, and Gale gets punched once again in a way that calls back to the original Scream film from 1996 and adds additional flare. Film-buff and friend to Tara and Sam, Mindy, wears some shirts that are extremely relevant to the story and her character. There’s also the use of killers having older masks in this film, which can easily lead viewers into a false sense of security when they see newer masks. We break down Quinn, Ethan, and Detective Bailey’s “alibis” that aren’t even alibis at all. Also, we talk about Kirby and how her injuries in this film were significant to past Scream films. Finally, we talk about the post-credits scene, because, yeah. There was one. You may have missed it. Don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for at ScreenRant.



0:00 – Intro
0:15 – 3 Masks
1:10 – Jason
2:27 – Billie Eilish
3:33 – Gale Getting Punched
4:48 – Mindy’s Shirts
5:50 – Newer Masks
7:07 – Quinn and Ethan
8:48 – Detective Bailey
9:15 – Kirby’s New Old Injuries
9:33 – End Credits Scene

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Written by: Emily Burr
Narrated by: Joey Criscitello
Edited by: Joey Criscitello

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