Secret Invasion – What A Piece Of S***

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—And We’re Here—
Secret Invasion is a television program that is second only to She-Hulk in terms of how terrible a product the MCU can produce. Join me for a breakdown and review as a dissect how this show went sideways and ruined an adaptation of a fan-favorite comic book event.

—Time Stamps—
0:00 – Well… THAT happened
1:05 – What DID happen here?
03:44 – The story
04:17 – The concept: a failure
08:57 – The conflict: ludicrous
11:50 – Nick Fury: absolutely wasted
13:35 – Maria Hill: an unceremonious end
14:45 – Rhodey: character assassination
16:03 – The finale: they’ll never live this down
18:06 – Civil War: blueprint on adaptation
18:40 – The MCU blame game

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