SHAZAM Fury Of The Gods Ending Explained: Post Credits Scene Breakdown, DCU Future & Easter Eggs

SHAZAM Fury Of The Gods Ending Explained: Post Credits Scene Breakdown, DCU Future & Easter Eggs. We review, recap and explain the ending of Shazam 2. This goes over the Wonder Woman cameo, the return of Mr. Mind, Emilia Harcourt, James Gunn’s DCU future and a lot more.

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Ok so Shazam Fury Of The Gods is now out and throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down the ending of the movie, discussing it’s post-credits scenes and also going over what this could mean for the future of the DCU. Is it canon, is it not? Well there are some things in it that we know will at the very least be getting  carried over to future films and shows. However there are some things that I think might lead nowhere and with us knowing the first phase of the DCU I think we can kinda see where things are going.

Heavy Spoilers from this point out and if you haven’t had a chance to check out the movie then check out now. I know most of you might not care so…if you haven’t seen it… I won’t be mad at you either. Just don’t kick off mate, don’t be a d**k and with that out the way, let’s get into the breakdown.

Ok so Shazam Fury Of The Gods culminates with the Shazam defeating the daughers of Atlas and Kalypso.

This is inside a dome in which Shazam needs to supercharge the wizards staff and also tell you what song youre listening to.


Inside he foes this which kills Kalypso, the dragon and all of the beasts that have been summoned to earth. However this exacts a toll on Billy and doing this unfortunately kills him. This leads into a big funeral scene with Freddy asking if there’s a way to bring him back. In order to charge the staff and bring him back they need to power of a God and I wonder…woman who that could be.

Yeah in an amazing marketing movie that rivals James Gunn telling you that none of this matter, we had Dianas arrival spoiled by one of the recent tv spots. Wonder Woman comes in, charges the staff and brings Billy back to life. This kinda plays upon the headless superman scene from the last film and it’s nice seeing Gal Gadot back because if there’s one thing that DC has told me it’s that these people returning mean something.

Shazam bursts out the ground like a zombie but he’s just fooling and eventually he also gives the rest of the shazamily their powers back.

Anyway the Shazam flirts with Diana and says that he’s gonna be 18 soon. She says that he should stick to saving the world and as we know from Justice League, everyone is a younger man to her.

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