‘The Boys in the Boat’ Interviews With George Clooney, Joel Edgerton And More

‘The Boys in the Boat’ Interviews With George Clooney, Joel Edgerton And More

George Clooney’s latest directorial contribution, "The Boys in the Boat" has hit theaters, and CinemaBlend got the chance to talk to the filmmaker and his cast, including Joel Edgerton, Callum Turner & Hadley Robinson. Watch as Managing Editor Sean O’Connell dives into filming the intense rowing scenes, the moments that got Callum Turner into fights on set, and of course some off-topic fun regarding "Batman & Robin," "Star Wars" and Kentucky basketball.

00:00 – Intro / ‘Batman & Robin’ Reaction Tease
00:21 – George Clooney Gushes About UK Basketball
00:52 – How George Clooney Managed To Get So Many Cool Rowing Shots
01:29 – The Rowing Scenes That Got Callum Turner Into Fights With His Co-Star
03:19 – George Clooney And Joel Edgerton On Landing ‘Batman’ And ‘Star Wars’ Roles
04:52 – Hadley Robinson Was Already A Watersports Fan
05:32 – Callum Turner & Hadley Robinson On That Train Scene
06:12 – The Underdog Sports Film George Clooney Loves

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