The Business Strategies Behind Trader Joe’s, Primark, Chipotle and More | WSJ The Economics Of

What are some of the strategies of the most successful businesses around the world? Why does Trader Joe’s offer a limited range of items? How does T.J. Maxx thrive in recessions?

From Primark and Barnes & Noble, to Domino’s and Chipotle, WSJ talked to CEOs and business leaders about their unique approach leading these major brands.

0:00 Trader Joe’s
4:54 Primark
12:00 Spirit Halloween
17:52 Chipotle
25:01 T.J. Maxx
30:42 Used Rolexes
37:20 Nintendo
42:31 Barnes & Noble
48:24 Lego
54:14 Domino’s

The Economics Of
How do the world’s most successful companies generate revenue? In this explainer series, we’ll dive into the surprising stories behind how businesses work–exploring everything from Costco’s "treasure-hunt" model to the economics behind Amazon’s AWS.

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