The Legend of Zelda: Timeline Explained


There is a new Zelda game on the horizon, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. And with a new game in the franchise, comes questions of where it’s going to fit within the official Zelda timeline. Something that is beyond the scope of this video admittedly, but to help all of you Nintendo fans out there with your theorizing, how about we take a look at the timeline as we know it today, shall we?

In case you aren’t aware, the Zelda timeline is far from simple. While most franchise timelines are a basic, straight line, the Zelda one actually splits at one point, creating 3 separate yet equally relevant timelines. The few games that don’t seem to fit on any part of the timeline, are the games that belong to the “Era of Calamity” as the fans have taken to calling them. That would be both of the Hyrule Warriors games, Breath of the Wild, and the forthcoming Tears of the Kingdom.

A common theory amongst fans is that these games exist at the very end of all three timelines, seemingly being some kind of convergence point between them, bringing things back into one linear timeline.The main evidence for this, is the fact that these games seem to share similar traits with all of them, with things such as specific references to races that only existed in one timeline, and things like that. However, until Nintendo gives us an explicit answer, it’s hard to say for sure. And so far, they aren’t telling…All we can say for sure, is they definitely fit at the end of the chronology.


0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Before Times
3:52 – Fallen Hero Timeline
6:30 – Child Timeline
7:55 – Adult Timeline
9:14 – Era of Calamity

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