The Nigerian Building UK’s Biggest Bridal Company

The Nigerian Building UK’s Biggest Bridal Company in the UK is a video about Gbemi Okunlola, an entrepreneur based in London, England, and she built one of the most prominent Bridal companies called Alonuko at the age of 28.

In this episode of my Made in Africa series, Gbemi Okunlola gives us an insight into how she started her company, how she is running it, and how she plans to expand this business. Her story is shared to inspire African youths and open their eyes to the goldmine in the Wedding and Bridal Fashion business.

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Alonuko Information

00:00 Intro
00:33 Office Tour
02:11 What does Alonuko mean?
02:41 How I made my first dress
03:50 I quit school to focus on making dresses
05:23 How I made my first wedding dress
05:52 How much does a wedding dress cost
07:23 How I decided to go BIG
08:18 How I raised funds for my first runway show
10:05 Where were you born?
10:35 What’s the most expensive wedding dress you have made?
11:52 What are the challenges you faced?
13:05 How much did you raise to scale up?
13:22 How important is it to raise funding?
14:45 Where do you get most clients from?
15:05 How it is building a business in London
16:03 What drives you?
18:26 How do you manage your team?
19:58 What would you change about Africa/Africans?
20:52 How does it feel to be young and successful?
22:05 What kind of background did you grow up in?
23:20 What’s your advice to entrepreneurs?
25:12 Outro

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