The Story Of Africa’s No 1 Rapper & His Insane Work Ethic Ft MI Abaga

If you’re familiar with the Flavour-sung chorus that goes “Africa rapper number one oo, MI microphone audition oh”, then you’re familiar with the artistry of Jude Abaga, popularly known as MI Abaga and self-adulatingly as Mr Incredible. Arguably lauded as the best hip-hop export out of Africa, Taymesan takes a seat with the iconic rapper for a refreshing reverie on his childhood days in Jos, growing up as the first son to an evangelist and his very first time coming across what would become part and parcel of him; Hip-hop.

For MI, hard work and diligence are the surest paths to success no matter how humble the job is. He highlighted how this had been a narrative for him from his childhood to his days at an American college where he moonlighted as a music producer, dancer, coordinator of an acapella gospel group while doing odd maintenance jobs from grass cutting to mopping floors to get by. Ironically but also as expected, MI’s grades did not see the better end of his diligence as he paid more attention to his passion; music. Eventually, due to the high cost of tuition, MI had to withdraw from the college– his second botched attempt at getting a uni degree. This however did not deter him for too long as he recouped in Nigeria, working diligently at low-paying jobs before music came to his rescue.

On this episode, MI paints a picture of hard work meeting success as he recalls being the first musician from Jos to win a Headies award in a rap category, we’re also told about his Chocolate City days, both as a rapper and an exec and how he was able to uplift rappers and musicians in his circle. Things take a softer rose-tinged turn at the marriage arc as MI narrates meeting Eniola Mafe, who’s now been his wife for a year. A deeply passionate rapper, he not only shares the painstaking process behind his lyricism but also speaks on his legacy and creative agency, TASCK.

It is said that he who is faithful in little is faithful in much and through MI’s story, this episode is proof of that. You should definitely listen. Enjoy!

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