The US-Israel relationship explained | Start Here

The US has always been Israel’s most important ally. What’s behind the relationship? What keeps it going? And why are some people questioning how it works? #AJStartHere with @SandraGathmann explains.

00:59 – The US has supported Israel from the beginning
01:44 – Why the US supported Zionism
02:29 – The US and Israel’s “shared values”
03:27 – The US and Israel are strategic partners
04:07 – How the US and Israel’s strategic partnership developed during the Cold War
05:29 – The US gives Israel a lot of money for its military
07:25 – Being pro-Israel pays off politically in the US
07:51 – Why evangelical Christians in the US support Israel.
08:34 – The influence of pro-Israel lobby groups like AIPAC
09:46 – Is the US the guarantor of Israeli impunity?
10:56 – Is the US-Israel alliance under pressure?

This episode features:
David Tal – Israel Studies at the University of Sussex
Khaled Elgindy – Senior Fellow at the Middle East Institute
Steven Simon – Senior Research Analyst at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft
Alex Gatopoulos – Al Jazeera Defence Editor
Daniel Levy – President of the US / Middle East Project

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