The World Ahead 2023: five stories to watch out for

What stories should you be following in 2023? From India becoming the world’s most populous country, to an illegal drug that might be approved as a medicine, The Economist offers its annual look at the year ahead.

00:00 – The World Ahead 2023
00:35 – India’s population potential
04:30 – Psychedelic medicines
08:06 – Japan’s markets mayhem?
12:45 – Repairing the world
15:50 – The coronation’s colonial concerns

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Has China reached the peak of its powers?

India is continuing on its path to majoritarian chauvinism:

Will China’s economy ever overtake America’s in size?

The Bank of Japan shocks investors:

Japan’s bond-market peg could snap:

Repairing clothes is becoming more fashionable:

Ketamine, psilocybin and MDMA are coming to the medicine cabinet:

More American clinics are offering ketamine to treat depression:

Sensible policy on psychedelic drugs is growing more common:

Psychedelic therapy shows great promise. More states should legalise it:

King Charles III’s coronation is a real marketing opportunity:

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