What The Boys Looks Like Without Special Effects

"The Boys" ain’t your average superhero show, but the sausage gets made the same way, with green screen, CGI, and an army of FX artists. But the FX crew on “Smallville” never had to do things like this. Blood, orgies, and private parts the size of a house — it’s all in a day’s work for "The Boys’" special effects crews.

Queen Maeve stops a truck | 0:00
A-Train runs through Robin | 1:10
Failed dolphin rescue | 3:08
Translucent’s invisible fight | 4:51
Homelander takes down a plane | 6:30
A whale of an effect | 7:53
Popping heads | 9:41
Homelander vs. Soldier Boy | 11:03
Starlight’s star-bright powers | 12:42
Black Noir’s animated friends | 13:28
The Dawn of the Seven trailer | 14:29
That ill-timed sneeze | 15:24

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