Lyrics: Burna Boy – Common Person

Burna Boy Common Person Lyrics

Common Person Official Lyrics, Song Written by Burna Boy. Burna Boy drops the new song title, Common Person, Below is the Lyrics of the Telz – produced-track… Enjoy!



Bong killa

Na me wey dey clean una house
Na me wey dey wash una car
Na me wey dey cook ununu

Na me wey dey wash una cloth
Na me wey dey work for your shop
Na me wey dey hawk ununu

I be common person but my happiness, oh, still be my own
Everybody get role, no mean say your own role passi my own

I be common person but my happiness, oh, still be my own
Everybody get role, no mean say your own role passi my own

Because na God I dey put all my faith, food for my plate
Fit no do m? jo (Mm agbana oso))
Even as things no dey go my way
Even in days wh?re I no get nothing at all (Mm agbana oso)

Na me wey dey drive your bus
Na me wey drive your keke (Mm agbana oso)
Na me wey dey run around
Na me do the job (Mm agbana oso)

I be common person but my happiness, oh, still be my own
Everybody get role, no mean say your own role passi my own

I be common person but my happiness, oh, still be my own
Everybody get role, no mean say your own role passi my own

(Saxophone and Strings)

Breakdown of Common Person Lyrics By Burna Boy

Burna Boy really delivered one of the best music last year in this fascinating record – Common Person. It is actually one of the most popular songs from his album “Love, Damini,” which he released in the year 2022  This tune was notably produced by Telz.

The track, Common Person, is the ideal anthem for hustlers everywhere, especially the most basic workers. You know – just keep doing you and your role in society is not going unnoticed. Burna Boy gives a theme for us to celebrate ourselves as well as any staff or help under us. This beautiful song is also an encouragement to work hard and persevere; enjoy the good times as they will always be there. You will genuinely adore this harmony as Burna Boy uses the initiative to give afrobeat a fresh perspective by blending a range of sounds with top-notch afrobeat music.

This lyrics theme is basically about a common person who performs a lot of menial tasks at home or company. Burna Boy highlights that these set of people are special people who do the basic things most of us need to survive, yet in reality, they still get treated as common people or slaves despite the fact that they cook, clean, wash clothes, and manage other businesses. The major highlight of this song speaks on the fact that no one can take their happiness away – whether a common person or not, happiness is a choice.

In conclusion, he is trying to demonstrate that everyone has the freedom to pursue their own happiness regardless of the situations in which they find themselves and that we should always keep in mind to turn to God because He will never let us down. This is a very beautiful song that became so popular as a part of his lovely album, “Love, Damini”.


In terms of relatability, this track bags it. If you had this song going up on the streets of Nigeria, an average Nigerian would relate to the intentionality of the emotions the artist is painting in this tune. Though this is not a club banger or a party smash hit, it could be an evergreen song that grows to be a classic.

A common person – sometimes referred to as a commoner – is thought of as belonging to a low social class, not holding a position of authority, or being unimportant. Typically, they are someone’s subject, meaning that people in positions of power are in charge of them. In his song “Common Person,” the Grammy Award winner, Burnaboy, sings about having control over his happiness despite his low social standing, emphasizing that no one else can take away his happiness. In essence, you have the right to happiness because no one can make you happier than you.


The delivery Burna Boy put into this is really top-notch, although his efforts may go underrated because he is quite famous for being able to convey the plights of an average African in his music. Burna Boy was able to make himself the centre of attention as he demonstrates the emotions of a common person. His exquisite voice was so good and generous on the instrumentals as he dished out this beautiful melody in an iconic manner.

Replay Value

Songs are a wonderful means to express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They can also serve as comforting words to most listeners. The African Giant, Burna Boy, really came through when he enlisted this song on his Grammy-nominated album in 2022.  This tune will eventually remain in the hearts of listeners for a very long time. A classic right there!


  • Delivery: 1.8/2
  • Lyricism: 1.7/2
  • Relatability: 1.8/2
  • Mixing and Production: 1.8/2
  • Replay Value: 1.7/2

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